RFTechniques manufactures resistors, attenuators and terminations for extreme environments requiring the most stringent performance characteristics.  Our products offer the highest density power dissipation rate up to 500 Watts and up to 6GHz.

RFT devices offer superior power derating up to 250°C, improving system reliability and wider margins of performance under abnormal operating conditions, without damage.  Our high temperature brazing process eables highter temperature opration, greater reliability and improved performance over phisical and thermal shock conditions.  All products are screened with pysical inspection and electrical screening.


Standard RF M/ Microwave Products

Contact us for custom amplifiers. combiners,and other cellular and military requirements.


Electro Technik is the parent company for multiple passive electronic component companies organized into three primary business units

Specialty ETI Company Cage
Defense Aerospace Medical Telecom Grid
Industrial Instrumentation
Standard and Custom (Raycom & Hytronics MIL-STD-1553, MIL-PRF-27 & Space)
57812 X X X X   X X X
29525 X X   X   X X X
6HF51 X X   X   X X X
1EYH9     X     X   X
Standard/Custom/High Voltage/ Audio
0TCV9 X X X   X X X X
99120 X X X   X X X  
EMI/RFI FILTERS 68915 X X     X X X  
Wirewound/ Current Sense/ High Temperature (Tepro RL42 series MIL-R-22684/4&8), High Voltage, Ultra-Precision, Compensators, SMD
15915 X X X X   X X X
9T572   X X X   X X X
48615 X X X X   X X X
Terminations, Resistors, and Attenuators
0C3F5 X X X X   X X X
0NR42 X X   X   X X X
Circulators & Isolators
1MVH0 X X   X     X X
4G7W2 X X   X     X X

About Electro Technik

Electro Technik is the parent company for multiple passive electronic component companies organized into three primary business units including; capacitive/resistive products, microwave/RF products, and magnetics/transformer products.

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